Woman Who Loves Music Podcasts Hates Actual Music


HER HOUSE — Aging music aficionado and podcast enthusiast Brooke Froude told reporters 
Wednesday that while she listens daily to podcasts about music, she hasn’t had much of a drive in
several months to play any of the songs being discussed on her favorite shows. “I’m so glad season 
two of No Dogs In Space came out — especially since they did Velvet Underground,” said Froude, 
who hasn’t heard a song from Velvet Underground — her favorite band since discovering them on  
The Doors soundtrack in 1991 — in three years. “And I also really enjoyed The Vanishing of Harry Pace
which is really the story of Black Swan Records,” continued Froude. “It introduced me to so many 
Black Swan Records’ artists who I had never heard before [and who I will never actually listen to].” 
Froude — who has over 500 records that will never see a turntable again, 30 biographies about artists
whose creative output she has lost interest in, and walls adorned with concert ephemera that she will 
not add to since she hasn’t set foot in a live music venue in years — is currently taking suggestions for 
new music-related podcasts, just as long as they’re spoken-word-based.