Walmart Employee Healthcare Plan Now Just Single GoFundMe Page


BENTONVILLE, AR — The new Walmart employee healthcare package offered to full time employees 

will now just be a single GoFundMe page, according to a Monday press release from the corporation. 

“Beginning January 1, 2022, associates will no longer have to pay premiums, deductibles, or fees for 

access to their health care,” the press release states. “Now when an associate requires medical 

coverage (from an approved list of ailments), they can contact their H.R. representative, who will add

their name to a list on our permanent GoFundMe page!” Public health officials expect the move to have 

a ripple effect throughout the entire healthcare industry, while many workers remain wary of the perceived 

cutbacks. “It’ll be nice to have more money in my take-home pay, but I also suspect they’re doing it to help 

out their bottom line,” said Clive Howell-Douglass, a 67 year old Natchez, Mississippi-area Walmart food 

and grocery associate. “But I don’t believe I’ve ever heard of that go-funding website. I just hope it’s not 

as bad as Obamacare.” While the release offers no explanation of the company’s decision to drop all 

of its insurance options for employees, it does tout the “freedom of our associates to receive up to 100%

funding for most ailments, surgeries, and injuries — especially during periods when 

[GoFundMe members] are feeling particularly generous.” Perhaps inspired by move, JCPenny 

announced a Kickstarter “to hopefully make it to fucking Memorial Day.”