Woman Disappointed To Eat Dry Tortilla Chip After Running Out Of Salsa

PUEBLO, CO — After enjoying the flavor and perfect wet/dry consistency afforded by the combination of tortilla chips and salsa, Beth Gately was disappointed to eat a dry tortilla chip on its own after the salsa ran out. “Once all the Pace was gone, I didn’t want to get up, go all the way to the fridge, refill the bowl, and come back to the couch,” admitted Gately. “But I also didn’t want to stop eating. So I did what any normal person would do and I reached for another chip even though I knew there was no salsa to dip it in.” The lack of salsa was immediately apparent in Gately’s mouth, as the dry tortilla chip had no food lubrication to assist with the chewing and swallowing process. “And it was just kind of bland,” she said. “I knew as soon as that chip hit my tongue that I was in for a disappointment.” After the lone dry chip debacle, she went back into the kitchen and made herself some tater tots with a heaping pool of ketchup so she could prevent any future food-related disappointments.