Guy You Met Once At Party Working Through Some Intense Personal Shit On Facebook

ONLINE — This guy Reece Richards, whose social media friend request you accepted because you spoke with him for an hour at a party last weekend, is really working through some intense personal shit on Facebook. “I am so totally alone and none of you even care,” posted Richards, as though you owed it to him to concern yourself with his well-being after such a brief encounter. “I guess I’ll go jump off a bridge or something.” Richards seemed level-headed enough at the house party last Friday when you struck up a conversation and quickly bonded over your mutual love of Bill Hicks, The Big Lebowski, and early Tom Waits records. But after exchanging friend requests on social media, you soon discovered Richards’ shaky emotional state — an unnerving development in a friendship in which you have precious little investment. “Everyone is too wrapped up in their own bullshit lives to give a shit about anyone but theirselves [sic],” Richards continued with little regard to the fact that he was communicating with a large audience that probably included several extremely casual acquaintances such as yourself. And even though you felt bad for the guy, you simply could not bring yourself to look away from his self-pitying posts, nor could you stop yourself from showing them to friends, coworkers, and several casual acquaintances of your own.