Review: Muscle Beach

Muscle Beach
S/T (Sailor Records)

Is Muscle Beach the right band for you? Ask yourself the following: Do you like your post-hardcore with vocals screamed/shouted in utmost intensity? Are you fond of musicians who can play their instruments with ferocity, passion, and precision? What about your music collection: could it use a bit of de-laming? If you answered yes to any of the preceding questions—or if you have a pulse and a functioning set of ears—you should probably procure the new Muscle Beach record. In fact this isn’t a recommendation. Go get the new Muscle Beach record. And then go see them live, because this triad of handsome go-getters will melt your ears and rip your face off in the best way possible. (Oh and since this is a review, I should probably mention the album’s best songs: “Tiger Lily,” “Re-Animators,” “Eagle Wizard,” “Shark 22-Electric Boogaloo,” “Pressure Kills,” “Hot Trash,” “Feint Steps,” “Gnarlitude,” “Secrets of the Crooze,” “John Mahoney,” and “Smooch Booth.” Those are the good ones.)