Review: Egghead

Would Like a Few Words With You
Rating: Thirteen stars out of fifteen or so

Good-humored pop punk hasn’t exactly been inundating what’s left of the punk scene. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing, because even back in the 90s — when this type of music was ubiquitous — there weren’t a whole lot of pop punk groups that were any good. But occasionally a band like Egghead would come along and remind you why anyone listened to pop punk in the first place: It can be a whole lot of fun when it’s tongue-and-cheek, genuine, and catchy — and Egghead’s songs have all these traits in spades. Let’s start with the album’s best song: “My Daughter Can Fuck up Your Daughter,” a tune about how the singer’s rough-and-tumble toddler can mop the floor with all the other daycare toddlers. (Oh, to be a proud father.) Then there’s the insanely catchy “Stuck Inside a Stuckeys (with Leonard from the Dickies),” a ditty that beckons to be played over and over again — at least if you’re someone like me who appreciates a good pop punk tune. And don’t forget “Holy Okatodden!” which isn’t that great of a song, but I mention it because mentioning three songs makes for a well-rounded review. Egghead’s Would Like a Few Words With You has been in constant rotation in my CD player (mainly because I don’t have very many CDs, but still). It’s pop punk in all its goofy, goodtime glory.