Review: Lion Sized / Accordion Crimes split 7”

In order for traditional 7-inches to work, they have to be really good. That’s because the tiny records require more participation from the listener — instead of flipping the record after five or six songs as you would with an LP, you have to change sides after one song. Consequently, the two songs on the two sides better fucking blow you out of the water if the record has a shot at not getting filed away with the other lesser seven-inches that only graced the turntable once. Fortunately for this split 7-inch, Accordion Crimes and Lion Sized arrange two captivating — and complementing — songs that prevent the single from entering the nether regions of your record collection.

Lion Sized: “Three Bed / Two Bath”
On “Three Bed / Two Bath,” Lion Sized meld elements of Fugazi and early-Milemarker with its own interpretation of tom-pounding, bass-heavy, emotionally-charged zeal. It’s fine-tuned post-hardcore perfection, replete an intricate rhythm section and vocals that aren’t so much sung as they are yelled in key.

Accordion Crimes: “Academy”
“I would kill for an original thought,” singer Brian Parker shouts over Accordion Crimes’ latest effort, “Academy.” Much darker and less melodic than a majority of the band’s previous material, the song is driven by a relentless bass and drum intensity, and adorned with lyrics that are hollered with a sense of urgency and vigor. It’s a welcomed new direction for Accordion Crimes, who continually seem content to pen songs that aren’t as easy to digest as, say, “Planes Over Milwaukee,” but are nonetheless exceptional.