Review: Flying Raccoon Suit


Flying Raccoon Suit



With a fusion of ska, jazz, a dash of hardcore, and “rock with horns” (kind of like Rocket From The Crypt 

in theory if not style), Afterglow features a collection of songs that could provide the soundtrack to a 

modern version of Cabaret. The compositions feel like they’re arranged and not just written, which gives 

the songs layers of instrumentation that — along with the album’s production — provide a rich, compelling 

texture. I’m sure the reason I enjoy this collection of songs so much is the fact that it vaguely reminds 

me of World/Inferno Friendship Society — though I would definitely hesitate to recommend it to diehard 

fans out of fear that they’d expect it to be some kind of carbon copy. As of this writing, I think I’ve listened 

to the entire album maybe four times and the first two songs, “Afterglow” and “Hive Mind,” about 20 

times. That’s how I like to absorb new records.