Review: George Cessna


George Cessna

Lucky Rider

Recorded in the basement of the hi-dive over the lockdown, Lucky Rider is a stunning mix of country 

and western, rock, and even a bit of early surf music (as evident in the Ventures-esque, reverby guitar 

leads throughout the record). The song, “Keep It Rolling” is reminiscent of the Roy Orbison and Kid 

Congo influences that seem to permeate the younger Cessna’s career. “Morning Song” is a fine 

example of what makes the record so endearing — George’s voice is piercing, but comforting. In fact, 

this collection of songs feels like a warm hug after hitting rock bottom. Considering it was recorded when

the world was falling apart, it makes sense that he and his collaborator, Brian Buck, would write songs 

they desperately needed to hear. And so Lucky Rider is an album that pretty much all of us desperately 

need to hear. It’s a feel-good record for people who have a hard time feeling good. I’m eagerly awaiting 

the vinyl so I can listen to it over and over so it gets some nice pops and crackles, which always add to 

that feeling of comfort and familiarity. One of the best local records released this year.