Promoter Needs Band To Load In At Noon For 9 p.m. Start Time

ENGLEWOOD, CO — Local promoter John Greetz is going to need all bands for tonight’s bill to load in at noon, leaving plenty of time for sound check before the 9 p.m. start time, sources close to the show report. “All bands need to be at the venue no later than 12 p.m.,” the promoter said in an email. “Since we will be soundchecking the first and last bands, we appreciate your promptness.” The email was met with a mixture of scorn and derision by all three groups slated to play the show. “Fucking noon?” asked the singer of the local power-pop trio Twisted Scenester. “We can’t just take off work every time we play a show. If the promoter wants us to quit our jobs for this, he’s going to need to pay us more than two drink tickets and 50 fucking dollars.” The touring band, Overplayed Omen, was equally dismayed. “The drive from Kansas City is like nine hours, plus we lose an hour from the time zone change,” said guitarist and band manager Wesley Omen. “We’d have to leave at like four in the morning so we can, what? Sound check for eight hours? How shitty is this sound guy?” At press time the sound guy was asleep in his bed, where he plans to stay until a few minutes before his scheduled 8:30 p.m. shift — for which he will inevitably be late.