Librarian In Charge Of Whiteboard Must Be Reading Nietzsche Or Something

PUEBLO, CO — Citing progressively dark musings on life, death, and the absurd, area patrons of the Pueblo Public Library have come to the conclusion that Cindy Taylor, the librarian in charge of updating the whiteboard in the lobby, must be reading a lot of Nietzsche or something. “There’s been some real dispiriting sentiment up there lately,” says Darren Heyerman, a regular fixture of the fiction reading lounge. “A couple of weeks ago, it just said, ‘The 40 hour work week is the curse of eternal recurrence. Thoughts?’ I was depressed for a whole week after that.” Another frequent patron, Chelsea Midcap, postulated that Taylor’s dissemination of bleak existential thought began early last spring. “That’s when she must have read Catcher in the Rye again,” said Midcap, “because the board said, ‘Who are the phonies in your life?’ It makes sense that J.D. Salinger led her down the path of existentialism.” Added Midcap: “I bet [Taylor] is a lot of fun at parties.” According to coworkers, Taylor has at least the next six months of whiteboard topics planned, which range from sisyphean struggles of everyday life and the death of God to her ailing cat and the fleeting nature of love.