Daughter Extra Nice To Waitstaff To Counteract Wrath Of Parents During Family Outing

THE DINER — Brook Hayden made it a point to be extra nice to the waitstaff at the Peggy Sue 50s Diner after her parents unleashed a wrath of vague disgruntlement at them Saturday evening. “I don’t know what gets into my parents whenever we eat out,” she said, whispering quietly to reporters as her dad furiously insisted on ordering the double meat without the extra $2.99 surcharge. “But I always say at least four ‘thank yous’ every time the waiter comes over just so she can experience at least a little bit of positive energy from this table.” The younger Hayden said she also goes out of her way not to request any substitutions or send back food she doesn’t like, even if it would make her father proud if she did. “I also say, ‘When you get a chance,’ after my order to preempt my mom’s inevitable insistence that the waiter check on the progress of our food three or four times.” Added Hayden: “It’s so embarrassing.” After the family finished eating and made their way to the parking lot, Hayden pretended she had to use the restroom so she could sneak back to the table and leave a decent tip.

(Article originally appeared in The Yellow Rake #32 Spring 2019 edition. Get in touch if you would like a copy mailed to your door.)