Aging Artist Still Hoping The People With The Money Will Tell Him He Can Quit Day Job And Be Famous Now

8TH AVENUE — With over 20 years of illustration under his belt, Landon Currie, a 42-year-old freelance artist, was still holding out hope that someone with some goddamn money would call and tell him he can quit working in kitchens and finally be a famous artist now. “I’ve just paid so many dues,” said Currie, who was on his second drink after a 12 hour shift at the 8th Avenue Brewery where he works as a line cook. “My work has appeared in national and local publications, and I’ve had countless exhibitions and shows. My lack of financial success has nothing to do with lack of exposure. I just wish someone with the connections would see some of my work and just be like, ‘You’re too talented and important to be a line cook. Let’s make sure you get to be nice and famous instead.’ Is that too much to ask?” Currie then ordered another drink and checked his schedule to see if it was his week to work the brunch shift.
(Article originally appeared in The Yellow Rake #32 Spring 2019 edition. Get in touch if you would like a copy mailed to your door.)