New issue in the works

My long awaited goal to make it to issue 30 will soon be realized. For about two and a half years, I didn't publish any new issues of The Yellow Rake because I started another zine, Suspect Press. And now that the latter is humming along fine without me, I need another project. Of course, I loved doing Suspect Press and I have great respect for everyone I worked with, but when it's time to move on, it's time to move on, amiright? The publication will continue strong into the future and I wish them the absolute best. They're a great bunch of people!

Throughout the years, The Yellow Rake has always been a labor of love and that's exactly what I need right now. For whatever reason, it's critical to my psyche to make it to that nice round number of issues released. When I was thinking of what to do with my life (now I have more free time since I am not running Suspect Press), the idea of coming out with another issue gave me that excitement that zine people experience when they get to pour all their creative energy into something that soothes the soul and staves off existential dread for a while. There isn't a release date yet, but there will be. And I'll probably book a rock and roll show to celebrate, because why not? SO, I hope to see everyone soon!



  1. I was sad to read in the last Suspect Press that you were leaving. But this more than makes up for it.

  2. Excellent news Brian in regards to the Yellow Rake. Zine making is damn exciting! I need to get off my ass and pour my energy into a zine myself.


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