Connection from the Pick Your Own Experience

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Bad move, my friend. What good do you think will come of this? First he lectures you about having to 

cancel your meeting since, “You’re in absolutely no condition to speak to clients!” Then he lectures you 

about the dead ends, self-inflicted poverty, and other Ayn Randian-inspired espousals of the immorality

 of compassion and generosity. He tells you there’s no such thing as true love and the only love a

 businessman feels is love of business. Of course, you can’t even really hear him since you’ve zoned out 

because his chair feels so nice. It cradles you like a mother cradles her young. You smile and ponder

 the absolute impressiveness that is life. How did you — little old you — get the opportunity to live on 

this planet, floating through space, at this point in the span of events? A magnificent speck, not even a

 footnote, in the vast history of what our brains perceive as time. Reality is fucking out there, man. 

Fucking out of this world!

At some point in your boss’ rant he offers you a chance to “clean yourself up... Here,” he says, 

“I bought a couple of burgers for my lunch and I’m not going to eat them all. They’re cold now, 

but take one and see if you can get yourself together.”


Click here if you decide to get yourself in order and eat a company burger.

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